Random Random Random

My babies start daycare today. Tiny tear. And just a tiny one because I love love love the teachers in the infant room. I dropped off the diapers yesterday so that it was one less thing to carry in while trying to get my small herd into the building. Alive. I did it and we all made it in. Seeing Grayson so proud to show of his babies was the sweetest thing. Plus his teacher said they would be taking a field trip down to the baby room to see his babies! He was so happy.

Small win I don't have to send in spoons or bowls for their cereal. All the praise hands becaues that's one less thing to pack and wash. I do however have to make bottles. Because since we are not using the daycare provided formula (not because we are snobs just because my babies have sensative stomachs) I have to pre mix all of their bottles for the day. Womp womp this caused me to have to buy more bottles. Otherwise I would be washing bottles right before we had to leave in the morning and that is no bueno.

I opted to get my makeup done for the wedding as well as my hair. A girl my sister went to highschool with does eye make up and will do it for $10.00. Sign me up for that and another plus? She is coming to the hair salon so that is a one stop shop for me!

My bridezilla sister assigned us hairstyles. Normally I would protest but I love the style she picked for me so I just called her bridezilla and moved on.

Did I mention I'm doing the entire reception hall? Yup I'm the stylist for the whole reception. Bring on all the mason jars and flowers and chalboard signs. I love doing this kind of stuff though so I'm really looking forward to Friday and decorating.

Michael and I celebrate 7 years of marriage on Monday and that just blows my mind.


Grayson is thriving and testing us and getting smarter by the second and I fear for his teenage years because he is so good with words. Plus he has the best facial exprestions.

He had to make a cardboard car for school tomorrow because they are doing an end of summer drive in movie. It's so cute and him and Michael worked on it yesterday. Grayson wanted a Camaro "wike daddy" so that is what he got. He is so proud of it and can't wait to watch Zootopia in it with his friends tomorrow.

I have been eating like crap lately. Being busy causes us to reach for take out for dinner more nights than we would like. After the wedding we are jumping back on the health train.

Today is my Friday. I'm off tomorrow and don't come back to work until Tuesday and I'm excited for a weekend with my family!