Exhausted send coffee and my sanity

This is me last night after spending 2 hours trying to get babies to bed and get everything ready for the next day

I'm exhausted. I crawled into bed and then woke up to cries from my little lady and she was up on and off for the next 3 hours until I finally fed her 4 ounces and got her to go back to sleep. It was a full moon last night and my kids all got the memo to drive me crazy. Extra dose of coffee for me today.

We had our trip just me and Michael and it was wonderful I slept so much and just relaxed and watched 2 movies straight through (that never happens with kids)

However getting back into the swing of things and last second wedding stuff for my sister (because it's one week away!!!) is just making our schedule crazy. We have no more free days until after the wedding. Saturday is the bachelor party, Sunday we are meeting to make the favors and do the table numbers, Monday I have to finish the seating chart and print it all out, Tuesday is our final dress fitting, Wednesday is the guys final fitting, Thursday is dress rehearsal, Friday is decorating the hall and nails and Saturday is the wedding. Busy busy busy.

Plus lets not forget the fact that next Thursday is the first day my sweet smallest nuggets go to daycare. I'm not nervous about them going because I love the two ladies in their room but I'm nervous about my house. My mother has been amazing and doing all my housework for me. Laundry, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom, dishes. I'm going to be lost without her. Plus I will miss the sweet pictures she would send me throughout the day. And I still have not figured out how I'm going to get all 3 kids ready in the morning and out the door to make it to work on time. We shall see how that goes.

I'm soaking up the last bits of summer. Trying to plan the babies baptism. And trying to keep my sanity.

Happy Friday!