10 signs your getting your monthly bill

PMS,I have it bad. The arrival of my monthly bill is approaching and I can see all the warning signs.

I vote that they create a once a month vacation place that women go to. They have these places they are called the spa. However in my dream land the spa would be attached to a bar and I would be as happy as a pig in shit.

The past few days were full of hints that PMS was happening I was a nut job.

Grayson is not eating table food I decided to call the doctor because I freaked out that something was wrong. (sign # 1 irrational thinking) So I talk to a nurse. She said " Unfortunately for you it takes work on your part to transition kids to table food, your going to have to try a little bit harder" Hearing this I started to cry (sign # 2 crying when I normally would not). Normally I would have been bitchy right back at her instead I cut her off said thank you and hung up so that I could cry (sign # 3 crying over ruled bitchyness). I then proceeded to call my husband and cry that "Buuuuuuuut I'mmmmmmmm aaaaaaa gooooooooood moooooooom, she said I'm noooooooot doooooooing wooooooooooooork! She doesn't eveeeeeeeeen knooooooooow meeeeeeeeee" He tries his best to comfort me the best he can. (sign #4 crying so hard you can't breath and sound like a 5 year old who just fell and skinned their knee)

Later that night we are again attempting to feed G and he is refusing everything!!! I throw my hands in the air and declare "I can't do this anymore my anxiety is a 25" (sign #5 my patience is .01) Michael then says to  me "I wish I could give you my thicker skin" I then explode and tell him where to go and how to get there (sign #6 I pick a fight because I can) He then tries to defend himself and I throw in is face that I do all the work when it comes to taking care of Grayson-which is not true ( sign # 7 all logic goes out the window and the lies start flying like pigs). I walked into the kitchen grabbed a bag of chocolate chips and started pouring them in my pie hole. (sign # 8 you stuff your face with chocolate because that is the only thing that makes it better)

He then had the nerve to ask me what was wrong and I thew every women thing in his face- PMS, Childbirth, having to use tampons you know the usual. ( sign # 9 you brag about bleeding from your vagin, and think it makes you superior)

When we went to bed that night I lean in and kiss him and say I love you like nothing happened at all (sign #10 I act like nothing happened and he goes along with it because he does not want to repeat signs 1-9 again)