5 on Friday-Ch Ch Changes

5 on Friday today and it's all about he big changes for my Grayson

1- Grayson had his second appointment at the Chiropractor* this week. He does amazing. He only cried for the first .235 seconds and then he was cool. In just two appointments we have cut his dose of baby zantac in half and starting tomorrow we will be cutting out the morning dose. The reason we decided to try the Chiropractor was because he tried cutting the dose our selves and he went right back to spitting up. I'm so happy with the results and soon he will just be going for maintenance.

* Please hold any negative comments about me taking my child to the Chiropractor. It's my kid I know best and our doctor is amazing.

2- He got is first haircut. There may have been tears on my part not his but it looks super cute. I'm so proud of my big boy. We didn't go too short but he needed a trim for his big photo shoot coming up on Tuesday.

3-He is officially on the "waddler room" schedule so he is all set to transition to the room next week!!!He is down to taking a small nap in the morning (half an hour) and taking one long nap in the afternoon! This is a work in progress because sometimes he won't sleep as long at home as he does at daycare and nap time is sane time for momma.

4-We are down to one bottle a day! He is taking is milk/formula out of a sippy and only having a bottle at night. He would totally give up the nighttime one too but I just don't want to. I know I have to but I love holding him and feeding him his bottle.

5-He had his birthday this past weekend!!! Don't worry I will re-cap it next week but he did so good. At one point someone who worked there asked me who the party was for and I showed her Grayson she was like "Oh! I didn't even know you had a baby here he is so good!" I'm such a proud momma and I cannot believe that he is going to be one in less than a week.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!!