I'm over it

I'm over Monday and it's just began. Monday is my husband's day off and he is home with Grayson so of course they only thing I want to do it stay home and soak up some family time but I have to be a grown up and go to work

Saturday I ran errands like it was my job. I have a really fun DIY project in the works for my girl Marie's bridal shower on Saturday so I had to get all my supplies. If it works out I will post a step by step. Fingers crossed my vision comes to life.

My mom is amazing let me drop G off at her house while I ran and grabbed the big things I needed that would have been close to impossible when dragging my wiggling child through the store.
When we got home from my Mom's I fed him lunch and gave him a nap while I scrubbed all the bath toys and the tub because he popped in the tub the night before. That was hilarious. When G woke up we met Michael to head to Wally world so I could grab everything else I needed for my project and to pick up all the pictures from our photo shoot. I'm biased but they look even better printed out.

Sunday- My father-in-law came over for coffee and to spend time with Grayson it was nice to hang out with him and to see Grayson and him interact. Then we relaxed and napped until it was time for Sunday dinner at my mom's house.

It was a busy but fun weekend. This weekend will be even more crazy because I have the bridal shower and my uncles art show.

Happy Monday!