Sorry not sorry

Sorry not sorry I don't have a party re-cap with pictures. My sister took most of them and I have not had a chance to get them all organized. So I will give you a little breakdown of the weekend with a few photos that I have on my phone.

Friday- I had the day off!!! And I still dropped G off at daycare. Honestly I needed to get things done and an 11 month old as cute as he is slows things down. So I ran all my errands and baked his smash cake while I was off. Plus I cleaned the house! Which went so much faster than I expected.

Saturday- Michael was off. Which is like heaven and I wish it would happen all the time. I offered to get up with G and let him sleep in. I brought G downstairs and we made a big breakfast for Michael. Then we woke him up and ate as a family. Since I was a mad women on Friday and got everything around for the party that night I had a pretty chill day on Saturday. I felt very little stress. We got to the club and decorated the room and still had time to spare before the guests started coming so I downed a beer.
Then my baby boy came and he made an entrance.

(Ignore the bearded monster in the background that's just my father-in-law)

The party was amazing and he was sooooo good even though he only had an hour nap. The food was awesome. The cake made me want to shove my face in it and the beer was cold. It really was a perfect day and he got so many awesome gifts. My boy he is so loved. Our family and close friends are so amazing. He dove into that cake like it was the only way into heaven, he takes after momma with all the sweets.
(If you look close you can see that his feet are crossed. This kid cracks me up)

Sunday- We relaxed. Michael was off and since I got up with Grayson on Saturday he got up with him on Sunday which was my plan from the beginning because hello daylight savings time. But G actually did really good and slept until 6:15 which is his normal time. We hung out, went through G's presents, I cleaned out his closet and threw a bunch of stuff out and packed some stuff away (which is party of my Lent project more on that later). Then we watched a couple movies. Also I ate cake for dinner because I do what I want.

The weekend made my heart happy and full.

I promise a full update sometime this week on the party. Do's, Dont's and favorite parts.

Happy Monday!