Calling Spring

We got hit with a blizzard yesterday. And no I'm not just being dramatic. The weather people declared it a blizzard.

I was at work for half an hour when daycare called. They were closing at noon. I stayed at work for a total of 2.5 hours long enough to pay people and then I grabbed my baby boy and made our way home.

A normally 20 minute drive took us 45. Not too bad but it seemed like as soon as we got home the sky opened up and the snow started coming down, and the wind picked up. We could not see out our windows.

It started snowing at 8am and had not stopped when I went to bed at 9. We got well over a foot of snow. I don't think that mother nature got the memo that it's MARCH! The snow can end any time now.

It is in the single digits today and in true New York fashion they are saying it will be in the 40's tomorrow.

Due to the crazy weather the birthday post will be pushed back to next week. Being home with my child and him wanting to close the laptop every .325 seconds makes it impossible to blog.

Also when I'm home I feel the need to clean or nap. I chose nap yesterday and it was heaven. I was secretly hoping for a snow day again today but really nothing ever shuts down for too long in these parts.

Happy Thursday!