Lent-40 bags 40 days

Since spring is hopefully right around the corner I'm so ready to get the winter clutter out of my house.

Plus I have never felt organized since having Grayson. I felt like after the shower our house got bombarded with a whole slew of things and I have just never recovered.

The walls are closing in on me and I need it to stop like yesterday.

Which brings me to Lent. Every year I give something up for Lent. Once I gave up beer and then realized that St. Patty's day was during Lent and shit myself. I have not done that since then.

I must also address something. I keep seeing on social media "Even though I'm not catholic I'm still participating in Lent" I'm not catholic, I'm Methodist and I grew up with Lent. It's not just a catholic thing.

Anyway now that I'm way off track for Lent we are doing 40 bags in 40 days. It's all over the place. You can find easy printables to help you keep track. I wanted one I could type in so I just made an excel spreadsheet.

I broke things up to get me to 40 days but if I get multiple day's done in one day then thats ok. The idea is to purge purge purge!!! I swear my body is a year behind because I feel like nesting just kicked in and the child is almost a year old. My mom always told me I wasn't normal.

We started this weekend and I'm super excited. I will do a halfway check in to see if we stick with it. I'm hoping with the chart we can do it and by Easter be organized like my little heart loves.

I'm doing some of them out of order and that's ok just as long as I get it organized and throw out/donate 40 bags/boxes/tubs whatever you have it.

I plan to do the kitchen this weekend so that will knock out a whole week worth of things. Which is cool because between working, working out (t-25) and taking care of my boys my time Monday-Friday is very little.

Happy organizing!!!