Being a single parent

It's not for me. Period.

I was all high and mighty reading this post by Katie @ Loves of Life thinking holy cow thank goodness I NEVER have to do bedtime routine alone!

Yeah I always pay for thinking that way. Because on my way home my husband informed me that he was going to play guitar with his two friends that night leaving me solo. Blah!!!

I suck at bath time. I hate rinsing his hair because he cries like your trying to murder him. And he hates getting out of the tub.We have a little space heater in there to keep him warm because he is high maintenance. So here he is shivering like you just stuck him in an igloo and I'm sweating like they just told me I can never drink beer again.

As I was giving him a bath and he had already drank half of the water that I'm sure he peed in and was attempting to stand up for 654656 time I said out loud to Grayson "Thank God for your father because Momma would be bald from pulling her hair out if she had to do this alone all the time"

Our normal night routine is this

6:00-6:45- The boys go upstairs to play guitar and I do my T-25 or watch TV if I have already done it
6:45-7:15- G gets his bath and I make his bottle and pack lunches/ make coffee for the next day and pick up all the toys
7:15-7:30 I feed him is bottle and then he is out for the night during this Michael gets G's room all ready(filling the cool mist and turning on his music)
7:30-8:00 Any other picking up/ packing for the next day and I shower while Michael does the dishes
8:00-8:30- Reading/TV/Catch up time with each other
8:30 Lights out I'm exhausted

Last night holy cow I had to get the Jimmy jams myself and get his room all ready before his bath and make his bottle with him that's such a chore because once he sees it that is all he wants.
Plus after I put him to bed I still had all the clean up from dinner and from that day's shenanigans.

I was in bed by 7:45 and half asleep when my husband walked through the door at 9:00.

When he walked in I told him he could never leave me because I'm just not cut out for the single parenting gig.