All about nothing

Its a big week in our house with my baby turning a year old. This time last year it was my due date and I was eating a gallon of ice cream straight of the container and squeezing chocolate syrup in my mouth. I was also the size of a house and couldn't get my own shoes on.

This weekend was fun. We had a St.Patty's day party on Saturday and that morning my mom called and offered to watch Grayson so that we could go solo.I took G grocery shopping and I got all the food for my new diet I'm doing. Wish me luck it's like major portion contorl and cutting out all things white. We only went to the party for a few hours but it was a blast. Beer pong was played. A put put course was trespassed ( I know the owners) and climed on. Poker and scat was played and beer was consumed. We were home and in bed my 9 because we are crazy.

Sunday Grayson and I relaxed and I food prepped. A first and hopefully weekly thing now. A little bit of laundry and some napping it was an easy day. The boy is getting two more teeth and these are the worst by far.

Today I'm moving at work to a new bigger office! Then I have to run to the store and find a shirt for me to wear to pictures tommorow. Then I have to iron and get everything ready for photos tomorrow when I get home and try not to rip my hair out.