12 months

Dear Grayson,

I know you are a year old but typing out 12 months makes you still seem like a baby to me. This year has flown by. One year ago today you made me Momma. I still remember the feeling that washed over me as they told me you were a boy. Instant, amazing, unconditional love. You had my heart from that moment on.

You have changed so much in the last month I don't even know where to begin. You have made some huge improvements on the eating front. You eat: Peanut butter toast, Peas, Carrots, Banana's, Teddy Grahams, Yogurt, Pizza and Garlic bread sticks.
It scared us a little when you refused ALL tables foods at the beginning of the month but your making huge strides now. You are down to only 14oz. of formula a day and hopefully with in the next two weeks have it cut out completely. You love milk and drinking it out of your sippy's.
Your teeth are killing me and you I'm sure. I can tell your in pain so I rock you and hold you a lot more than I have in recent months. Sometimes you just need your Momma and that makes my heart overflow with love.
You are free standing a lot more now and it's amazing to see your face when you realize your not holding onto anything. You climb more than anything and have use me or daddy as a rock wall to get on the couch. Walking is coming soon and I'm excited for it. You zoom around in your walker and I have a few bruises on the back of my heels to prove it.
Your sleep is pretty good when the teeth aren't killing you. You still take 2 naps a day but only a short morning one (half an hour) and then a longer 2ish hour nap in the afternoon. You sleep through the night if your not teething and if the teeth get you your only up 1-2 times.
Your personality is amazing. Your a goofy kid and we love it. Your smile is million dollar smile and it melts me every time. Your such a go with the flow baby and are rarely cranky. However you are very stubborn. If you want to get up on the couch you will grunt and pull and climb whatever you can to get there. You are still in 12 month clothing but moving slowly into 18 months. You wear sunglasses when we are outside and people are always amazed that you leave them on but truth is you have always been good about hats and things like that. Bath time with Daddy always brings lots of giggles. You splash and play basketball and show him all the letters. Your bond with him is amazing but in the last few days you have started to favor Momma little more at certain times and I love it! Your doing awesome at your new daycare and you have even learned some sign language (Jesus,Thank you, all done, and more!) and you are babbling like it is your job. I think you have your own language because you talk and ramble for hours!
Bottom line Bubbie Lou I'm in love with you. You are amazing and you make our life so awesome. I can't wait to watch your grow and see what another year with you holds!
Love your very proud

You and your best friends Dadda
You love all remotes and controllers please not the cankles and arm rolls
Visiting Aunt Halli working at the librabry

This is the "It's my binky Momma" look I get when I try to take it from you

Getting out all the toys

And then climbing into the toy basket

Kisses for your fur brother

People watching while shopping

Happy Boy

I just stole his binky out of his mouth and he thinks it's hysterical

Bed head that Momma loves
Yum Pizza crust
Your balloon mouth that Aunt Halli got you

Eating some snacks
1st birthday!!!!

My birthday boy!