So What

So what that Grayson's 1st birthday party is this weekend....

I have found the key to have a stress-free party. Have it somewhere other than your house.

The amount of stress I'm feeling about his party is 2 on a scale of 10 which in my book is a success. I also took Friday off to do the cooking and finish the decor, plus momma needs her nails done!

Not having to clean my house for everyone to come over and then clean it again once they leave took so much off my plate I just feel awesome.

And my family is amazing. Most of them are helping with food and my mom,sister and best friends are coming to help me set up.

The most stress I'm feeling is the fact that my boy will be ONE!! I can't believe that we are here already.

That and if I'm going to have a breakdown on his real birthday because I want him to stay a baby forever.