I hate our highchairs. I just bought two of the ones that strap to the  chairs and they will be eating off of those from now on because cleaning up the ones we have now are awful they have too many places food can get into and our sweet Charlotte makes sure that she rubs her dinner over every single inch of her highchair. I spent 45 mins cleaning the chairs last night and it drove me insane.

Still have no idea when I mopped all the floors at the same time. However my dining room floor and kitchen floor are spotless I have to mop them daily because of all the food my kids think is fun to throw on the floor.

My bathroom floor is clean too because every night they think it's Sea world and splash half the water out of the tub. I come out of there soaked too. Now as I'm typing this I need to get some more bath towels because I'm still trying to dry off my one year old's with baby towels. Ha!

We lived out of baskets for like 2 weeks. So I already failed on that new years resolution. Oops. See my Aunt and Mom anytime they watch the kids and the kids go to sleep they wash and dry and fold my laundry. Well that's all well and good until I have 6 loads of laundry to put away and no time to do it. Hey at least the laundry is clean.

Speaking of laundry is it just me or do you have to re organized the drawers every time you put laundry away? It took me an hour just to put away the kids clothes. I had to go through rotate the clothes pull out things that don't fit anymore and then put everything away. My husband says this is just me because I'm crazy but I have to do it. I cannot just throw the clothes in the drawer.

I had to order new dressers for the twins room. I have been shoving and stacking and rolling their clothes for the last few months now but with summer on the way I do not have enough room for all their clothes in their bedroom. Because one day it's 80 and the next it's 47 so I need some winter clothes and spring clothes. We have just been using the changing table/dresser combo that has 3 (tiny)drawers and two cabinets (that each have two shelves) and some fabric baskets in a bookshelf but it just does not cut it anymore . That is what i used to use for just Grayson so trying to do that for two babies is a little hard. So we have two new dressers coming (from Ikea so you know they have to be put together) and hopefully this will help with the mess of their room. Because right now I have all their summer clothes in laundry baskets and that is just a pain trying to find anything in.

I have given up on Grayson eating new foods. The doctor told me to back off so we have and we are much happier at dinner time. That kids still does not like to eat meat and would chose peanut butter over anything else.

Charlotte is still in a infant car seat but I really need to get on changing that out. See I just don't know how I would get them all into daycare with the bags. Marshall is walking but not to the point where he will walk in himself and Charlotte is still not walking so I have to carry her. Ugh I guess I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do it. There goes the easy part of having someone strapped into a seat and not being mobile.

Michael really needs a new vehicle however we are running that puppy into the ground. Seriously right now he has both of the backseat doors ratcheted strapped closed because the latches are broken. We are getting the one fixed so that he can still have Grayson in it but we are trying so hard to just get through the summer with the vehicle. I just really don't want another car payment right now so we will see how that goes. Fingers crossed the floor doesn't fall out of it or else he will be Barney Rubbling that puppy to work.

I did make Grayson his first dentist appointment on a day when Michael is off so that he can take him.  I just really have no desire to take him to that appointment I think he will be fine but you never know.

Plus I have to take Charlotte to the eye doctor because her eye is pulling in on the left side and has been since she was about 6 months old and we waited to see if it would correct on it's own but it hasn't and so we are having it looked at to see what's going on. I'm secretly nervous about this but praying that it's nothing or something that a little patching can't fix.