Another check off the "you know your a mom when..." list

Yeah and the weekend.

So Friday we had leftovers. Since we are on a budget we decided to save our takeout budget for this week and next and have a date night the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so leftovers it was. I was ok with it because I didn't have to cook and on Friday the only thing on my mind is getting into comfy clothes and drinking a beer.

Once we were done with dinner the boys went upstairs to play guitar and I watched Parenthood which is starting to bug me because every week the previews get more and more vague and intense!!!! Ahhhh so sad it's the last season!

Saturday- it started of wonderful. As in G woke up at his normal time 5:30 and we went downstairs and snuggled and watched "Icky Ouse" Then after breakfast we got ready to head out to a craft show with Gigi, Trace, and Marie. I had my mind set on only spending $40.00 well I spend $41.04 so close enough. I got the cutest coat rack. The picture below is not the best (because Michael took it) but you get the idea. Speaking of that is a church pew under it. It was my Great Grandmothers and was given to us by my parents when we bought out house. I love it so many memories from my childhood.

We also stopped at another antique/craft shop and I bought a shelf with hangers on it for stockings and I will show you that once it is hung up. I still have to figure that one out!
G napped and woke up kind of cranky. We snuggled, Michael got home from work and the boys headed upstairs so I could finish off dinner. I then hear "Katliiiiiiiiin I neeeeed a towel and fast!!!!" Grayson threw up. All over. the. carpet.twice. So I ran up stairs and grabbed G changed him and brought him down with me. I held him while I finished making dinner and was about to go sit in the living room when it happened. Round #2 all over him and I. There it is got my Mom card. I went 20 months without getting up chucked on and in one night it happened 4 times. Poor thing couldn't even keep water down. He went right to bed he was so exhausted and slept until 4 when he woke up asking for "lawlor" I gave him some and prayed that it stayed down. It did and he has not lost anything since.

This was one of the hardest things for me because I was committed to going to a brunch for my Aunt's 50th birthday on Sunday and I didn't really want to leave Grayson but as my mom pointed out we were gone  during his nap time so I went and had a great time and got home before my baby woke up. Thank goodness for my Dad he sat with Grayson. Once he got up we colored and hung out in the dinning room while I rearranged some furniture and cleaned out some drawers on our buffet. My boy is still not 100% but he is keeping down food and drink so that is good.

This wonderful Monday started with SNOW and has not stopped yet! Here is to the 16 inches they are calling for!

Happy Monday!