November Goals

We are six days into November and I have finally decided to write out my goals

First here are 4 simple goals I gave myself for October

1- Get Pumpkins and carve them!-Done and Done! We had a great day at the pumpkin patch and so much fun carving them that is a whole post I'm working on for next week because something very special happened during our pumpkin carving
2-Pick apples again and make a dessert-Done! I picked apples and then made 2 big loaves and 4 mini loaves of apple zucchini bread which was a huge hit!
3-Clean off our "coat chair" and organize coat closet- Did this put now we have relocated throwing our coats over the banister!!! I need a coat rack!
4-Take a family picture with our pumpkins- Fail! We still have the pumpkins so maybe I can sneak this in this weekend!

Okay November!!!!

This month is surprisingly calm so here we go

1- Have a date night with Michael.- We don't go out to dinner just the two of us very often so I'm hoping that we can venture out for an early dinner the day before Thanksgiving. 

2- Bake Pies- I love baking and I love making pies. This one is kind of a give in because I'm in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving but I'm still working on what ones to make

 3- Get Grayson's picture taken for our Christmas card. I always take this myself. I plan on getting this done this weekend

4- Start T-25. I'm hoping to start this program this weekend and keep it going 5 days a week all month. 

5-Send out my Christmas Cards- I like them to go in the mail the day after Thanksgiving that way people have all month to enjoy them!

6- Start and Finish Christmas shopping! I want it done early this year so that I can just enjoy my family during the holiday times

7- Start a new family tradition for Thanksgiving.- We have lots of tradition most are from my childhood so I would like to start one for out little family!

Happy November (six days late!)