Weekend Recap

So this weekend? It was amazingly unproductive.

The time change and all the craziness of October has taken us sometime to recover from and I think this weekend was just what we needed.

Friday- I left work ran to the grocery store solo! I can breeze in and out so much faster than without Grayson. I normally always take him with me but with the weather getting colder and his coat getting bigger I decided that since I had a big(ger) trip to make that it would be best to leave him at daycare until I was done. Plus he got to watch the full episode of Veggie Tails instead of having to leave halfway through. Once I grabbed him We grabbed takeout for dinner and headed home for comfy clothes and time with daddy. The rest of the night was spent relaxing.

Saturday- I got up and decided that I just felt like relaxing that day. My house was destroyed but I just wanted to hang out with G so we did just that. My sister came over and we tried to get a picture for the Christmas card that was a big huge fail. So we went back to cuddling. When G went down for a nap so did I for about 20 mins. I woke up felt good and did a few things around the house. We tried Christmas picture round 2 and I got some good ones (or so I thought) That night I could not fall asleep to save my life. I was wide awake and so I watched netflix until midnight only for G to wake up ( he is getting teeth). He went back to sleep fast but then I was up again for another hour.

Sunday- I woke up exhausted so coffee was my best friend and I decided to take down Halloween decorations and tackle the laundry. Then it was lunch time, nap time and football time. Sadly the Billy Goats lost. Next we headed to my parents for our Sunday dinner. I pulled up and started to put my picture of G in the Christmas card and I had taken the picture so he did not have a good background it was half wall half trim and there was no way to crop it out. Ugh so after his bath I put him back in his Christmas picture sweater and with 3 people behind me got him to smile the best smile ever and it is the best picture. I'm so in love with it and now I'm just waiting for my proof back from minted. The rest of the night was spent finishing up laundry and spending time with Michael.

Happy Monday!