Thankful on this Thursday

It's Thursday and it is the month of Thanksgiving so here are my tops things I'm Thankful for.

My husband-

This man I mean. First of all gorgeous. Second of all one of the best people I know. Listen I can fully admit that I'm bat ish crazy and I'm okay with it and the best part is? He is too. He loves me for me. And I love him for him. Nobody is perfect but we are so perfect for each other. I have never laughed so hard as I do with him and I love it.

This little man-

This little man is just amazing. He has such a sweet heart and a kind way about him. He walked up to me last night grabbed my hand kissed it and then patted my leg. I melted! He is very genuine and shows his feelings. He is very guarded but once he lets you man you just won the golden ticket and he will love and kiss on you like crazy.

This Dog-

Weird that I'm listing my dog? Well we went through a learning curve when Grayson first came home. Liiiley (Riley) was very nervous about this little being. Now? He lets him pull his tail ride on him and they lay together on the rug and watch tv. They can be found running back and forth while Grayson is chasing Riley with his popper toy.

Our House-

There are many areas that I would (and will someday) change but for right now it keeps us warm and we brought our baby home here. We came home from our honeymoon here. We spent all of our firsts here and well I looooove that.

Our Jobs-

The hubby and I both work very weird/demanding jobs. Working in a small office means that you are the only one that often knows how to do tasks which means days can get overwhelming but it provides for us. My husband has to work the weekends but gets 2 days solo with G and that makes their bond amazing.

Our Family-

It's crazy and dysfunctional but it's always there. We love them all and even though they drive us crazy we are still so thankful that we have them


This sweet nectar helps we get through the days and without it I would be a zombie.

Happy Thursday!