What's on my bucket list

I wanted to write about something fun today and my bucket list (that I had to sit down and think about lol) seemed perfect

Have baby #2! Is this weired to put on a bucket list? It's something I want and that we are talking about (a lot!) and so I feel like it's something we want to do. Add to our family.

 Get my Bachelor's degree
I have 2 associates degrees (one in accounting one in business management) but I would love to get my Bachelor's degree. I'm just super indecisive. Also see #1

Take a trip just Michael and I for my 30th Birthday. That is 2 1/2 years away and I don't want some big party just a relaxing time on the beach with my hubby

Go to Disney!!! I have been 4 times and Michael has been zero! I can't wait to take our babies and my hubby for the first time!

Own a business. This is something Michael and I long for and while we kick around ideas all the time we are hoping that someday we can have a small business that is ours. 

Leave a Legacy (and read the book by Dave Ramsey) I have read only one of Dave's books but his new one just came out about leaving a legacy for your family and this is something that had touched mine and Michael's heart. 

Become Debt free. We are so passionate about getting rid of our debt and up until a month ago thought it was impossible and so this is a recent addition to the list

Build our dream house! Or re-do ours to make it our dream house. I love our house but there are things I can't stand about it (small kitchen!!!) so we are hoping that once we have our debt gone we can create our dream home

Buy toys for kids at Christmas. I want to walk into Toys R Us and buy carts of toys and then donate them. Or drop them off at a family in need.

Go to NYC with my family and ice skate. I have been to NYC but never skated and I want to create great memories with my family. 

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