The Weekend and Things

Our weekend was pretty relaxing

Except for on Saturday when Grayson decided to fight his nap.... Any Momma knows how much you neeed nap time.

I use nap time on the weekends to work out and do all the things that I can't do when G is up, like scrub the bathroom, and put away my laundry, or eat even.

When he fights sleep and won't go down I have a meltdown. I need that time to re-charge and what not. He finally fell asleep but only for half an hour. So I went up and brought him downstairs with me. He just laid on me on the couch and before I knew it he was asleep again. Not wanting to risk another wake up I let him sleep on me for about and hour and I caught up on my trashygottahaveit TV.

After that we met up with my sister to do some shopping and I got G the coolest shop stool for out in the garage/man cave.

Sunday we had family dinner at our house (chili dogs, because we are classy) and then we watched the Bronco's win and are now just hoping that they smash the patriots next week. I'm a Bill's fan hardcore but when my Billy goats are out I move on to other options and I love me some Manning.

I have not been to the gym yet but I have been hardcore working out at home and have been loving it.

I'm buying my own gel nails kit this week because I'm tired of going to the salon. Plus the last few times they have not been as good and the girl has seemed rushed.

Grayson is getting so big and will be ten months and it is so close to his 1st birthday that I'm having a breakdown/ I want another baby thing going on. My husband thinks I'm crazy and I can't deny it.

That's all for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that we all survive this Monday!