10 Months ( a day late)

Is this real??? Didn't I just write the 9 month post where is the time going??

Dear Grayson,
Oh Bubbie Lou! I love you so. You are such an amazing little boy. You are sweet but spunky and your daddy says you get it from me. Your a dare devil which you get from your father but it gives momma a heart attack. Christmas was amazing with you and I look forward to so many more holiday's with you my sweet baby boy.
You started waving this month!!! I love it! It's super quick and sometimes you make a fist but it's cute. You very randomly with do the "how big is Grayson" game but sometimes when I ask you I get the full on stink eye ( you so so get that from me!). You pull to stand cruise along when holding onto something. Walking I'm sure will be happening anytime now. I had a break down the other night thinking about how much you have grown and all the milestones you have already hit and how next think I know you will be driving and getting married and I will be a grandma ( Yes your mother is a little over dramatic sorry).
Your eating is back on track, jack. Thank the Lord. You eat your 8 oz. bottle in the morning and at night. You have a 6 oz. at 10 am and then fruit and some puffs at 1 pm. Then dinner between 4 and 4:30 where you eat a stage 2 meal and a yogurt and some puffs. We have tried giving you some table food but your pretty much against any new textures. You threw up when we have you a bite of mash potatoes so we are hoping your not scarred for life. I'm not too concerned we will just keep offering your the food and you will get there eventually.
We went for your 9 month check up on the 30th and you had lost weight. It got me freaked out (and I may have had a mini panic attack in the applebee's parking lot) until I remembered that you had the flu, and a sinus/ear infection with in the last 3 weeks. We go back on the 27th for a weight check. I'm confident that you will be back to the right weight and then some.You are in 12 month clothes with some 9 month sprinkled in. But really 9 month are too short in the arms your turning into my lanky baby. Your sleep is going good. You wake up sometimes because of your top teeth which they informed us at the doctor's that all 4 are coming in at once!!! Poor G!  But for the most part sleep 7-7 or 7-6 depending on if its a daycare day or not.You chew on everything and we are just hoping that the break through comes soon!
Your personality is so amazing and kind. You have the best smile and smile at everyone. We have started to venture out with you a little more but since the temperatures have been in the negatives some days we keep you at home and take you out as little as possible. Once spring comes you will be my shadow and be going all over the place with me.
I love you so much and I know I kiss you a million times a day but I think you like it. I'm proud to be your momma, and I love watching you grow!
Your Momma.

I'm in love with those cheeks!!

"Ok Momma enough pictures already"

You love the paper at the doctors office
Petting Riley

Eating a bow from a Christmas present

Clearly he lacks personality he is such a goofy boy

This is his "my top teeth hurt" face

He's a genius he can already spell his name

Pulling Daddy's hair

Working the pole!

He lunged for a toy .25 seconds after this

"In yo face!"
"Whoever put this on me head is dead"

He likes to stand in his crib and hit the door

My nugget love!

Checking out the new threads momma got you
Studs lonigan in his Adidas suit (normally I would never buy him a suit so expensive (normally 45.00) but I got is on sale for $10.00 so he got lucky and he looks cute)

First trip to a bowling alley and first birthday hat!