Past, Present, Future


We have been living in a frozen tundra and according to the weather man we have a vortex over us. I don't know what a vortex is but I'm over it. I hate being cold all the time. 

My office that I work in is a converted pole barn and does not have the best instillation. It is so cold. Yesterday when I went to get in my car for work is said -4. Plus we had wind that made the temperature -30. I got to work and the office was still so cold my hands were frozen after only an hour. I also got a horrible migraine and decided to pack it up and head back home and work from there. A quick nap later and I was feeling better and warmer. Once I finished my work I demanded in the nicest way ever that we had to get all the decorations down. I also did not visit with Jillian yesterday mostly because it's time for my monthly bill and I just knew that our TV would end up with a hole in it if I tried to even look at her face yesterday.


All of our Christmas decor is packed away for another year. I love putting it up but once it comes down I love how clean and organized everything looks.

We are going to a birthday party tonight. My uncle's(by marriage) mom is turning 92! When you are up there like that you celebrate every chance you get! Her wish list includes 
Individually wrapped lifesaver peppermints
Book marks

Ahhh to have simple needs and not be like me where I say give me everything I want or I will focus on the one thing on my list I did not get. Although since having kid I have jumped off that train and more onto it's about my baby.

My poor husband has to be out working in the vortex and says he is freezing his balls off today. Gas delivery drivers cannot work from home bummer.

I will be working out double tonight to make up for missing a day. I really hate to admit it but I feel better when I workout but I still hate having to do it. 


I read Holly's blog today and she gave me the kick in the ass I needed. So I will be attempting the Dr. OZ plan as well. I'm a carbivore, as in the more carbs the better. I'm sure I will be the biggest bitch the first couple days but really if it can help me shed the pounds I will get down in funky town. Now I just have to get to the store and get all the ingredients. Which hopefully will happen tomorrow and then I can board the crazy train. The one thing I'm looking forward to is the detox bath. Because the conversation in my house will go like this.
Me: I have to take a bath tonight and I want to do it after Grayson goes to bed. I will be lighting candles and listen to Jason Alden radio on Pandora.
Husband: I don't think you have to take a bath but if you want to take one tonight go ahead
Me: No I have to and if you would have listened to me when I told you that Dr.Oz said for 2 weeks I have to do a detox bath
Husband: I do listen you just talk so much I forget parts of it, Can I join you?
Me: No (slams door in is face)

We really do love each other.

Happy Wednesday!!!!