2 link ups one post

2 link ups one post because that's how I roll!!!


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My workouts this week
1/2/2013-Yoga Meltdown
1/4/2013-Kickboxing and arms
1/5/2013-Kickboxing and abs
1/7/2013- Rest day
1/8/2013-Kickboxing and 30 day shred
1/9/2013- Rest day

I got hit with the head cold  so I will be doubling up tonight to get in my workouts

I was all for the Dr.Oz 2 week rapid weight loss program until I got home and realized it just does not work for me because I hardly eat any of those veggies. Which would not be healthy so I'm going with his 3-day cleanse and going from there.

My goal is to keep up with the DVDs and try to make it to the gum at least twice a week. It just has not worked out this far because of the weather and other appointments. 

My diet for the most part has been good. I did splurge and have a piece of ice cream cake at a birthday party and a brownie but I'm OK with it. My lunches have been good and dinners even better. It was really hard to get out of this mind set

Of course I have to end it with my main motivation my nugget love

Happy Friday everyone and keep up the hard work ladies!!!