Thursday Things

List form seems to work the best for today's post and I wasn't even going to post today but I needed to get somethings out

- Grayson woke up with his eyes sealed shut from green crap. He could not open his eyes and I was almost in tears over it. Thanks goodness my sister works nights tonight so she is staying with him until 1:30 and then  my dad is going over until Michael gets home for work.

- We have an appointment at 5:30 and I'm going to be grilling the crap out of the Doctor. If it's pink eye this will be the 3rd time since December 6th that he has had it and I want answers.

-As soon as I find out he has pink eye and he has started drops I sanitize everything in our house. I wash the toys that can be put in the washing machine and the rest get a wipe down with Lysol and then hot water after that because I still freak about the chemicals if he puts it in his mouth.

-Friday was supposed to be Grayson's last day at his current daycare but it looks like yesterday was because he won't be going back due to his pink eye

-The decision to switch daycare was very hard and a whole post could be dedicated to this.

-I was going to make a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight but it looks like Subway will win because there is no way I will have time to cook once I get home and then we have to leave again.

-I wore a sockbun to work on Monday and now everyday since my boss has resorted to calling me bunny, and asks me where my sock bun is he is just crazy.

-My husband hates the sock bun and calls me a librarian and makes me watch the King of Queens episode about the bun.

-I'm already exhausted and it's only 9:15 but having a sick baby drains the crap out of me.