Follow through Friday

Happy Friday!!!!

I'm so ready for this weekend it's not even funny. I'm with Joe Nichols and want to be somewhere sunny and 75. Even though we are experiencing a heat wave of 32 degrees today! This chick is over winter and I'm pretty sure G is too because he hates his coat.

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The new daycare (full story here, hereand here) is awesome sauce and my baby is already less fussy and more happy when we pick him up and it just makes me wonder what was really going on at the other one that we didn't see.


Onto what you really care about did I follow through and the answer is NO

Here are my workouts

1/24- Kickboxing
1/25- Shred it with weights
1/26-Rest (hungover beyond words)
1/27- Shred it with weights
1/28- Rest
1/29- Rest

Ok so I planned for Sunday to be rest day but Wednesday and Thursday yeah I ended up with a UTI and if anyone has ever had one you know they are a bitch. My doctor told me not to work out for at least 3 days, so it looks like I am done with the #jmdvdchallenge.

My weight stayed the same as in I'm still 174. But I talked with my doctor yesterday and she advised that I really hit the cardio hard to get the fat off and then work on toning. So February will be my cardio month. I know I can get to the gym Monday's and Tuesday's before work so I will be joining the 5am club those days and then on Wednesday and Thursday's I can go after work. The other 2 days I will keep doing my kickboxing and only take one rest day. I'm hoping this sheds the pounds.

I WILL do the 3-day cleanse this month. I'm sure I will need it after the Superbowl and I eat! all! the! food! However due to be on the antibiotic I cannot drink (insert crying face) so I will eat my weight in chip and dip and pizza bread.

I have never posted my goal weight but it is 150. I really like 140 better but I was 150 and in super good shape when I got knocked up with G so losing 25 pounds is my goal. I'm hoping with upping my cardio and getting into some different eating habits that I can shed that within the next 3 months.

I just have to say I'm so proud of everyone who did the #jmdvdchallenge and Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who put it on. Your motivation is awesome!

Enjoy the weekend!!!!