Daycare Part 3

So yesterday was the big day.

My baby went to his first day at the new daycare.

My anxiety was a 16 all day Tuesday because I knew I still had to finish all the paper work and pack his bag with new stuff for the daycare, and write out his schedule (or lack there of).

I worked from home for most of the day Tuesday just so I could get all of that done before our Tuesday night dinner. I finished paper work, wrote out the schedule ,and packed up a bag but still felt like I was missing something. I checked through the handbook and I had everything.

I had a hard time getting rid of the pit in my stomach over this decision. I knew it was best but I just want him to be okay. My husband told me it was normal and everything would be OK to which I snapped "Easy for you to say you don't have to drop him off and watch him cry if he hates it." I can be a total bitch sometimes.

This daycare is different in the fact that they let you bring in things daily (formula, food, and change of clothes), the other one I had to leave it all there. I like doing it on a day to day basis. That way I'm the one cleaning his bottle and making sure his fruits are rotated, and that I don't have to pack up a cute outfit only for it to never be worn because it's left at daycare to die or given to another kid. (oh yeah that happened too, we never got the pants back which were osh kosh so I started sending Target brand sweatpants that only cost $3.00, I would rather be out $3 than $25)

So my morning routine has changed I get up and make his bottles for the day. They just put them in the fridge until he needs them. I pack him a little lunch bag with his fruit and puffs in it and then I have his diaper bag already stocked too. This is also nice because now there is a bag there so if my sister wants to come and grab him early she can and has everything she needs.

Drop off went awesome. Since we are not in the computer we have to be buzzed in and the teacher came to the door and walked with us down to the class room. Miss Jenny is her name (and yes it took everything I had to not say I love you Jen-nay) she is super nice and really relaxed and straight forward. I didn't stay long just went over everything about G and she even was nice enough to ask to hold him. He didn't cry which was huge in my book. I walked out feeling at peace. She gave us a letter about herself and her teaching style and that even though the kids are young she still has a structured day. Grayson won't be in her room for too long because he will transition to the Waddler room in a few months but she starts that schedule with him now that it is not a big shock for him.

When I went to pick him up he was a totally different baby. He was happy! He was playing! He had taken 2 naps! It was awesome. She wrote down everything he did throughout the day and what other kids he played with. She does a lot of educational things with them like circle time where they go through all the shapes, colors, animals, and numbers. They have ABC time and everything is really structured. After one day we already see a difference and everything is very organized. His clothes were clean and he did not have snot on his face. Now I know that things happen but I see the difference. Not to say I won't still be cautious but it seems to be the perfect place for us. 

I know it's blurry but someone is super happy!