Follow through Friday

I weigh myself on Thursday's because that is what day the Jillian Challenge started.
To say I'm semi disappointed would be the truth. BUT I'm holding onto the comments that people have been saying like "your shrinking" or "babe your hot" (that last one was my hubby in case you didn't get that)
My clothes are fitting different too so I'm trying to ignore that gawd awful number and keep it moving

Onto the working out portion of this shin dig

1/10/2014- Kickboxing and Shred it with Weights (if you have not tried this yet DO IT!! It's awesome)
1/12/2014- Kickboxing
1/13/2014-Shred w/weights
1/14/2014- Rest
1/15/2014-Shred w/weights
1/16/2014- 6 week 6 pack

I will never workout on Tuesday's my schedule does not allow it but I try to make it up at some point. I really like the Shred it with weights. It is by far my favorite but I like to alternate between the kickboxing and that. The 6 week 6 pack was the death of me and I did not care for it but that's just me. My abs are super sore today so I guess I worked.

I have been to lazy to get all the things I need for the 3 day cleanse but I'm hoping to get it all today. And do it Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We will see. My eating has been good and I can see how my portions are getting smaller and I'm still feeling full.
I over ate at lunch on Wednesday (our boss buys us lunch once a week so we order out). I felt like shit the rest of the day and vowed that I will not do that again.

In all honesty it has been hard fighting the scale. I think I'm going to give up on it until we get to the end of the #jmdvdchallenge, because I don't want to get discouraged just because of a number.

Happy Friday everyone!!