Follow through Friday


I'm really loving this link up.
I say to myself when I want to just keep my booty on the couch at night that I can't because
a) I need to post my #jmdvdchallenge pictures
b) I have to link up and I don't want to feel like a failure

So on with the numbers, workouts and eating OH MY!

I gained a pound. I know I said I wasn't going to weight myself but habit took over and I did. Gaining a pound had me in panic attack mode and then I though well lets try some measurements. So I did and my progress is showing there so I'm feeling pretty good.

1/17- Shed it with weights
1/18- rest
1/19- Kickboxing and Shed it with weights
1/20-Shed it with weights
1/21-Shed it with weights
1/22-Shed it with weights
1/23- Rest

Ok the workouts this week were kind of crappy. Last night we were at the doctors right through  my normal workout time so I decided to just skip it after being so exhausted from G being sick again.

I have been keeping my eating on track and have not had any sweets this week. Saturday is our football party which has an open bar and I will be drinking my weight and then some in beer ( I guess that pound gained is in my favor this weekend). I knew this was coming so my plan is to double up on workouts tonight and Saturday and then maybe sneak one in Sunday depending on how my head feels. The challenge is almost over but there are some talks about a 30/30 challenge where you do any DVD you want like zumba or run or whatever as long as its 30 mins. I like having a group to check in with plus my mom on top of that it really keeps me going.

I'm not one to wish time away but my body is aching for spring time! It is -15 with the wind chill here today and I'm wishing for the days when I can put my nugget in his stroller and go run/jog for a few miles. I do so much better when I can be out in the fresh air.

TGIF! Momma needs her nails did and new outfit for tomorrow here's to hoping I'm down a pant size!