Hot mess Momma

I was reading this post by Katie over at Loves of Life and it really shook me to my core...

Why do we put pressure on ourselves? To be perfect? To be supermom? To be like so and so or be better than so and so?

Listen I'm going to call my self out I'm a hot mess of a mom. And a hot mess of a wife for that matter.

Grayson is always clean and in clean clothes and I change his diaper almost the second I smell that he peed or pooped (which has resulted in my getting pissed and shit on multiple times) I feed him when he wants and I kiss him a million times a day... However I'm not perfect. Was I right next to him sitting on the floor when he fell and was crying so hard it was silent. Yup it happened to me and that's OK because he will fall a million more times but I beat myself up about it all day.

I heard a quote a while back that said
Comparing your whole story to one persons chapter is setting yourself up for failure and heartache. It's so true. Instagram (which I love!!!) Is a fleeting moment, because I know for a fact that in my house 5 seconds after I snap this adorable picture that G peed in the tub and then started screaming because he didn't want to get out of the tub. The dog drooled all over the floor and I walked through it so now my sock is wet and I just dropped the container of coffee and it opened up all over the floor and every cuss work from A-Z flew out of my mouth.

Embracing who we are good and bad is the only way to be at peace. I'm a hot mess and I'm proud of it. But here's the thing. My boys know how much I love them. So when they are laughing at me because it looks like something died on top of my head because I have not washed my hair all weekend that's OK because I have memories with them. Silly, goofy, over the top crazy, heart filling memories that bring a smile to my face every time I think of them.
So here's to all the hot mess Mommas out there. Let your freak flag fly and just love your babies!!!