Grayson has been fighting sleep the last 2 nights (one of which he was with my aunt) and drooling like he just got Novocaine. I think the top teeth are finally coming through and I'm hoping it happens soon because baby boy being in pain sucks the life out of me

Are football party was a blast. I drank my weight in beer and they had candy on the table so of course I inhaled that right up.

I ate the biggest plate of bacon yesterday when I woke up and I had a soda because I thought I was 21 again

I really don't want to be at work today. It's horrible outside and my boys are home so yeah. I already told my boss that I would like to work from home tomorrow. Fingers crossed he lets me.

I want to deep clean my house. I'm just wanting to purge. So I have started a list and am hoping to start tackling one room/area of the house each weekend. I need order! And fast! I never nested with Grayson probably because I was the size of a whale and could hardly walk up the stairs so maybe a year later it's kicking in?

The contract for the venue is all set now it is details galore. I'm hoping to figure out the menu today so I can tell everyone what to bring and then I need to find mine and Grayson's outfit.

Happy Monday!