Our daycare change part two

Ok so Wednesday was a shit show when we picked up Grayson.......

Back up to the 3rd of January. There is a daycare down the road from my work like for real I could walk to it close to my work. I have been talking about touring it since the end of November but then the holiday's came and we had the sick month also known as Decemeber.

So Michael called me on that Friday and said "Meet me at that daycare I set up a tour for 3:30, I will meet you there,with a hot chocolate" (One of the many reason's I love my hubby he is super take charge where I forget things as soon as I think them, and he brings me hot chocolate)

So we walk in and it was like a differnt world. My husband was in love at first sight because they have a coffee bar for the parent. He is a coffee addict so this was his love language. She showed us every.single.classroom. Which was cool. She explained how each room works and what they do throughout the day. It was so clean and smelled like wet swiffers which is my love language.

We got down to the baby room and it was so peaceful. The babies were all in highchairs getting their afternoon snack. Then she showed us the back yard and let me just say it looked amazing even covered in snow. They have 3 play sets and a ton of room to run around. Plus it's grass which is awesome. When it's nice out they take every single kid outside that day. Even the babies go out in shifts.

So we toured and then she told us that she didn't have a spot for Grayson right that second because she was transitioning some kids to the waddler room but by the 20th she would be able to take him. It costs a little more but peace of mind is so worth it to me.

We told her to call us as soon as he could start and then we would go from there. Well when Michael picked up Grayson he called her and she said yes he could start the 29th. Michael then had to call our old daycare and let them know that Friday would be our last day. The director was at a loss for words and didn't know what to say, she knew we were disappointed but she never thought we would leave. Michael asked if there was anyway we could get our deposit back and she said she didn't think so but she would talk to the owner.

Well G had pink eye when he woke up on Thursday morning so he never ended up going back. I went on Thursday to get his things (spare clothes, diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, pacis, and sippy cups) Attached to his bag was a check for our deposit and our remaining sick days that we had not used. I went in and thanked the director for doing that for us and she said that 2 of the girls cried when she told them that Grayson was not coming back. I felt bad, and my anxiety was at a 25. But I knew it was the right choice for us. She also said she knew that she messed up and should have taken our issues more seriously.

Part 3 tomorrow about the new daycare and how I felt with strangers taking my baby from me.