How it works in our house

We may have a very different family dynamic than most and I'm all good with it. (for the most part)
Work schedules being what they are we are often left to single parent Grayson because we have opposite days off.
My husband (praise the lord) is very hands on with Grayson
I give most of the credit to him but the other part is that on Monday and Tuesday's he has no choice because he is home alone with him. This forced him very early on that he had to know how to do everything for him.

Our typical days when we both work I end up doing most things in the morning solo. Michael is nice enough to put the bottle together and pour the water in it for me which in my world is huge! and saves me some time.
Here is our typical Wednesday-
5:15- I wake up. I usually shower the night before so that I can get an extra half an hour of sleep. Plus I work out at night so I need to get clean before I climb into bed. Win, win. I get up let the dog out and throw my clothes in the dryer for a fluff. I pack my lunch and make G's bottle. Then I get dressed and do my make up and hair.
The office I work in is super laid back so I get to wear jeans and sweatshirts to work and in the summer shorts and tank tops! I love it! Plus if I'm having a rushed morning and only have time to do mascara and a high pony it's all good.
6:00- I go wake up G man (if he's not already up). I get him changed and dressed comb his hair, do a quick photo shoot to send daddy a picture and then suit him right up into his coat, hat , and mittens.
6:20- We are in the car and rolling to daycare. We talk to Michael on the way to work. Most of the time G falls asleep but if he's awake we talk and sing to him. Since Michael is already gone for work when G gets up this is a way that we decided he can still be part of his morning routine. I personally love it.
6:40ish I drop G off at daycare. He eats his first bottle here that I make at home.
6:50ish I get to work and turn on my computer and get started for the day
3:30 I get out for the day. On Wednesday I usually run some errands after work because Michael picks up G from daycare usually around 2.
4:00-4:30- I get home and start dinner. We are usually all out in the kitchen. Michael feeds G at this time and we just hang out while I cook and Michael does the dishes or goes through the mail.
5:00- We eat no later than 5 sometimes sooner depending on when I get home and such. Once we are done with dinner we play with G down on the floor which as of late just means stopping him from grabbing the DVD player.
6:00- I do my workout and Michael take G upstairs with him while he play guitar.
6:45- Michael starts to run G's bath. I go upstairs and get his jimmy jams and a diaper for him.I make his night time bottle and make the coffee for the next day.
7:15- I feed Grayson his night time bottle, burp him and then he is in bed by 7:30
7:30- I pick up the toys (if it's not already done) and then jump in the shower. Michael does the dishes and cleans up the kitchen then he gets in the shower
8:00- We watch a show together upstairs or just talk about our day
8:30-9:00- It's lights out baby because we are old and Michael gets up at 3:20 in the morning.

That's how it works in our house! And I love every second of it!