The time that a little boy met Santa

We had our Christmas with my brother the weekend before Christmas. I love this time because no one has to rush anywhere else and we can just enjoy our time together.

We always have a ton of food but it's soooo good and I think I may have gained 15 pounds in one day.

Anyway my sister's boyfriend's dad (confused yet?) is Santa. He is one of the best in our area and does private parties all the time. He comes to my mom's house for pretty cheap and does the best job ever

He starts off with jingling bells in the entrance of my parents house. The kids flipped this year when they heard it and ran out to see him. Then he comes in and sits in a chair and says hi to everyone. He reads the kids a book and while he reads the book he picks one person to hold his one glove so he can turn the pages (it was B this year) and is soooo good with them asking them questions and everything.

Next comes the present part. He brings each of the kids a present (that we have provided him ahead of time) They get so excited when he calls their name. This is when they sit on his lap and asks what they want for Christmas.....once the kids are done he goes around the room and asks the adults what they want for Christmas. Then he hands out Candy Canes and is on his way. He is there for like half an hour tops. 

This was G's first interaction with Santa and he did pretty good. Granted he was not feeling good an on the edge of a nap but no tears so it was a win in my book.

And now a photo dump of that day and our Santa experience.

Me and my girl Libby holding hands listening to Santa's story
Baby G pretty much passed out
B has a death grip on that glove
Santa looks like he has G at gun point but he was really so good with him

No tears!!!

Santa was grilling Libby about her slippers
B getting his gift
And yes I put my kid in this shirt and I loved every second of it.