Just a bunch of random stuff

Friday I went to the library that my sister works at and we did a paint and sip. It was so much fun. There was a wine tasting and we painted a picture. I have no artistic ability what so ever so my expectations were low. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Saturday we had some running around to do. I had to get all the birthday presents for my Mama's birthday and we made a very big purchase for Grayson. Big Boy Underwear!!!! We were at Kohls and I asked him if he would like to try big boy undies and he said "yesh peez mommy". So we bought 2 packages of undies one Mickey Mouse one Pixar (they included Mike and Sully from Monster University) and he was so happy. We got home that night and he wanted to wear them. So I put them on him and he was so excited.

Sunday we got up and first thing on the potty. He got up to grab a toy and started to pee on the floor but I got him onto the toilet to finish and bam he peed in the potty. M&M's and toilet flushing all around plus we called daddy for some more encouragement. Then Libby and Brayden came over and he went back into a diaper because he had  no time for the potty with cousins around to play with. Then after nap he peed again in the potty and he was so proud. He wore his underwear until he went outside and helped Daddy with the 4wheller. He is on the road to no diapers and while I know it will be a long road I'm ok with dipping our toe in. Speaking of 4 wheeler our trip is this weekend and Michael put my pack on and I'm in love and can't wait to ride!

This week is full of craziness which includes looking at a hall for my sisters wedding, getting my hair done and packing us all for our trips (G is going to Gigi and Papa's). We pull out on Friday at 4:30 and I'm looking forward to 3 hours in the car with my main man!