Our Mini Weekend Trip

This weekend was jam packed. I need another few days off to recover but it was a ton of fun!

Friday I got out of work a half an hour early and grabbed some food for our trip, champagne, and a tarp (for our muddy boots). Then I grabbed Grayson and headed home to get his bags and let Michael say a quick goodbye then took him to my parents house for the weekend.

I have to say it is nice that Grayson is so comfortable at my parents house. I was in and out in less than 10 minuets because hew as just happy to play there. I got home and grabbed our last few things and we jumped in the car. We were on the road by 4:30 and had about a 4 hour drive ahead of us. We only stopped once to stretch our legs and us the restroom and then we were back on the road. We made it to the cabin at 8:45 and unloaded.
Our trip down

We drank some wine, played cards and had such a fun night. We went to bed way to late but memories are worth it. It was an early day Saturday and I have the hardest time sleeping in anywhere that isn't my own bed. So I was up and making breakfast by 6:30. We were in charge of that meal so I did simple breakfast sandwiches and mimosas. We ate got dressed and loaded up. We were on the wheelers by 9:15 and on our ride. It was a blast but a rough ride. We went through everything snow, creeks, mud, dust, dirt, fields, roads. It was nice to say we did the Snirt Run at least once. We got stuck once and both fell off the wheeler. No one was hurt but really I was done at the point it was a long day. We rode for 10.5 hours and did 97 miles total.
Before we left since we are still clean and so is the wheeler

About 4 hours in dirty

Our Crew at one of the stops

On tops of a mountain and dirty as all get out

We were exhausted and the only thing I could think of was my own bed so we decided to make the drip home that night. We ate dinner and then headed out at 9:15. We pulled in out driveway at 1:00 am and my bed never felt so good. It was the best choice we made because we got some good solid sleep (7 hours is a lot when you have a toddler) and got Grayson much earlier than we would have if we had stayed the night.
And what was Grayson doing while we were gone? Having the best time feeding birds, playing in the sand and eating ice cream he even peed on the potty 3 times so he had a pretty big weekend!
Papa and Grayson getting ready to fill the bird feeders

Love that little face

Sand playing
He's happy now but GIGI said when he had to go inside he had a fit

Once we got Grayson Michael and him stayed outside to unload the truck and trailer and I got to work on laundry and unpacking all of us. We had that all done by 12:30 and when G went down for his nap so did we. Then we went out for a family dinner and ice cream.  It was a wonderful weekend mixed with family time and alone time.

Now I'm back at work missing my boys.