Debt Update

I have not forgotten about Dave Ramsey. In fact we are still very much following most of his rules. 

The number one thing I took from reading Dave's book, was that you need to stop going into debt further. 
Sure you have all this debt but in order to be successful you need to stop that cycle ASAP and do whatever it takes to not add more debt to that pile.

Well the last 2(ish) months have been just that. 

We live in WNY and February was the coldest month in the record books. Which means our furnace ran non-stop. We use oil as our heat source and well it's expensive. In years past we have charged it on the credit card and tried to pay it off $50-$100 payments at a time. Well this year as of today we have no debt due to oil!

My amazing husband started working 6 days a week(temporary) to help prevent more debt and to knock of some already existing and we have done just that!

No more credit cards for us!! Plus we have made some extra payments on our smallest loan we have!

I will be 100% honest it was annoying having to put the debt snowball on hold to pay for oil because it felt like we were treading water and not snowballing anything.

However it is nice to know that we worked hard and prevented future debt!

Now our hopes are to get that smallest loan paid off and my car loan is next! I can't wait to see where we are in a year!

This is a process and it can be annoying. But I just know it will be worth it. Sure I have bad days. I even went on a little shopping spree because I was having a I don't give a crap let me spend money. I went home and felt awful. I returned every single item I bought and felt so much better. Sure it's fun in the moment to be frivolous however it's not worth it in the end.

Our account slowly leaking money every month has been good as well. We don't use our debit cards unless we talk to each other first and usually we have the money to put back in the account or we sacrifice somewhere else. 

Here's progress!