Things on a Thursday

The end of last week was nothing short of crazy.
I got the worst migraine to date and while it came and went several times I had a headache for 24 hours straight. I only lasted an hour at work on Friday and was home in bed sleeping by 9. I woke up and felt wonderful and have not had a problem since.

Once I was awake Michael and I decided to tackle to big living room/dining room switch. It was a lot of work but I'm happy with the end result. We are closer to the kitchen. The living room is bigger. And we opted out of a coffee cart because I talked my husband into getting a mini fridge in the dining room. Which has worked out awesome!

When Grayson got home from school he was all "woah yook at dis big room mommy it's so cool!" So he loved the change and now all his toys are in the dining room. It is split in two we have our table on one side and then all his toys on the other so it's almost like he has a play room.

Saturday we were up and at it to head to an Easter egg hung that our church does. It was snowy and cold so they held it in the gym and they did a great job!.
It was in my old high school and they have 2 gyms a JV and a Varsity so they put 0-6 in the JV gym and 6 and up in the Varsity. In the JV gym they had lanes taped off so that different age groups were together. It was nice not to have to fight an 8 year old for eggs. Grayson got a bucket full and then we emptied the eggs right there so that they can re-use them for next year. We were there about 20 mins. Oh yeah Grayson hates the Easter Bunny and the only time he didn't freak out when were near him was when we were leaving and he yelled "Bye Bye Bunny" I get it he does have a big head.

Grayson and I ate a "sootie" before church on Sunday. It is 2 cups of spinach 1 cup of strawberries(I use frozen) and 1 cup of yogurt. I blend my spinach with water first so that it gets nice and smooth. Then I add everything else and bam it's a smoothie. No it's not super sweet but it gets veggies in me which is my biggest struggle and G loves it so win win.

Sunday was Palm Sunday at church and it's one of my favorite services. They kids handed out Palms and then paraded through the isles waving them. It was a wonderful sermon. Grayson stayed with my Dad while my Mom and I went to church. My Dad had some dental work done and still has pretty bad bruises on his face to he is laying low.

Monday we had our dinner with C&T but before we headed to their house we went to Tractor Supply and got me some rubber boots for the snirt run. I grabbed a baseball cap too that I don't care if it get ruined or not.

Tuesday we got our family pictures back and oh my word I can't wait to share them with you all. I'm in love and now I'm just working on which ones I will be hanging on my wall.

Wednesday I went to Wal Mart with Grayson to grab a few things for my dessert for Easter Sunday and to pick up some pictures. I always print out every picture our photographer takes and put them in a book. That way I know what they look like printed and I have them on hand. We stopped to see the fishes and Grayson was in heaven. Then it was Mommy and Grayson night and we watched a movie and read every book we own.

 Tonight Grayson goes overnight with my Mom and Dad since school is closed tomorrow for Good Friday which means datenight for us! Nothing to exciting just staying home and working on our gallery wall.

Happy Thursday!