Show and Tell Tuesday- Names

I love names with a meaning and a little bit of quirkiness. 

I was born Katlin Kimberly Gray. Kimberly is my half sisters first name and so my mom wanted her to feel included when it came to the new baby and that is how that happened. Katlin was a name my mom read in an Irish romance novel and it was spelled just like that. My grandmother (dad's side) is as Irish as the day is long and once her and her brother heard and saw the spelling they were thrilled. If I was a boy I would have been Jeremiah Thomas Gray. My name gets misspelled a ton because people want to had an i or throw in a y or start it with a c but I love my name and it's spelling. When I got married I became Katlin Kimberly Smith and I honestly thought about changing my middle name to Gray because it was part of me for 22 years but I like the initials KKS so it stuck. 

My sister is named Halli Katlin Gray. My mom decided to stick with a good thing when she found one and my first name is my sisters middle name. Halli is from the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and my Dad fell in love with that name so much so that he watched the credits to get the spelling. The character is Miss Halli and we call her that a ton. Again if she was a boy she would have been Jeremiah Thomas Gray.

My husbands name is simple really he is a 2nd so he is named after his biological father. His full name is Michael Shawn Smith II. He is MSS and I'm KKS and I kind of love it.

Now our baby names. When I was pregnant we could not decide on any names for a long time. Smith is a pretty hard last name to put a first name with. I mean our dad's names are Thomas and Joseph and those paired with Smith sound like a credit card scam. So we brainstormed like crazy and then one day  it his me. Grayson. My maiden name is Gray and Michael's step dad's last name is also Gray (no relation to my family at all) and so it just felt like the perfect way to honor both families in one name and so Grayson Michael is was. For a girl it was Lorelai Halli. I wanted my sister to be a part of my little girl so it was a no brainier that Halli would be the middle name. I thought that I was going to have a girl 75% of the time I was pregnant. We chose not to find out the gender until the day we had our nugget and that was when Grayson Michael was born.

Now God willing that we have a second (no I'm not pregnant) we have new names. If it's a boy Marshall Thomas Joseph Smith. Marshall we just like. Thomas and Joseph both after our dad's and then my brother is a TJ so we get him in there too. If it's a girl we are all over the place. Oliva, Lorelai and Anna are all contenders but really the girl name stumps us. 

I can't wait to read every one's story and maybe get some inspiration!

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