Sweet Sweet Sun

It got up to 78 yesterday which what like heaven.

It was nice to do all my running around and not have to wear a huge bulky coat. I felt so free and light.

I got home and my boys greeted my in the driveway. They played outside the whole day. Grayson came running up to me with a stick and Riley had a mouthful of dirt and stones. Michael was working in the garage on finishing up getting everything ready for this weekend.

I carried the groceries into the house and took a deep breath. I just love the way my house smells when it the windows are open. I could hear the boys running and playing outside while I put the groceries away. I pulled out shorts to put on and it felt nice to have my legs out for once!

We had dinner at C&T's house last night and Grayson went with us and it was great to not have to bundle him up. He just headed out in a t-shirt and his baseball cap.

I can already tell this summer is going to be so different from last. Grayson is all boy and is all about exploring, mud pies, and sticks. He loves to run and splash in the mud and riding on the 4 wheeler is his favorite thing.

When we got home from dinner last night Michael got G in the tub because he earned his bath last night and I got to packing lunches and looked down to see muddy little boots in the back entry way. Sweet boots that my boy got to wear all day because the sun came out, or as Grayson calls him "midder gowden shun".

Thank you spring for coming around even if only for a day we needed you and you refreshed us.