Lists to look at lists

I'm OCD about somethings. I thrive on organization. I like to know what I'm doing when. I'm not a huge surprise person.

The only time I'm not like this is when I'm on vacation and everyday is a cocktail and beach day.

So we are gearing up for a weekend trip and I have lists coming out of my ears

I had one sitting on the counter that was my master list so to speak

My wonderful husband who has two things on that list the trailer and the gear laughed at me because I have a list to look at lists.

This is where my OCD comes in I like nice and neat lists that I can check off. If I made one list with everything to pack it would look like a hot mess. So I make my master list and then have my sub lists.

I know it's kind of crazy but I write down everything I need to pack. Right one down to socks and underwear and the # I'm bringing.

This way I can pack us all up in about an hour and half and be done. Because it's just going down a list instead of running around grabbing things as I remember them. My other big time saver. I do what I can in advance. I have a little station set up in our bedroom and one in Grayson's room and I start putting things in that I can ahead of time. Grayson already has all of his diapers and food (that's not cold) packed up and in his bag. I already have all of our toiletries and towels packed up. This makes my day before a trip a lot easier.

A few side notes about my Master list. Riley is our dog and he stays with my father in law Joe so I pack his bags in serving sizes and send them with him and I make Joe dinner and dessert as a thank you for watching him, I always always clean my laundry room and bathroom before we go on a trip because I know I'm coming home with clothes to wash and I like it to be easy to get that done when we get home. My handwriting is sloppy, I think faster than I can write and it comes out as a print/cursive mixture that can get pretty bad in a second.

So while my husband thinks I'm insane because I write a list to look at a list he knows that I rarely forget anything and he does not have to pack himself to go on trips.