Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I'm so happy that we have no plans for Saturday and Sunday! 
I'm more than ready to catch up on laundry clean my house and just relax!

Linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites

I got this magic bullet a few years ago for my birthday but I never used it all that much until the last month and now I use it everyday! I made a smoothie for Grayson and I in the morning and it gets us a good dose of veggies in before we even head to work!

Product Details

This moment between my two boys. Grayson has started to really show affection more unprompted lately and it is just the sweetest thing. He climbed up on Michael lap and said "I yove you daddy" and then snuggled and kissed him. Brought tears to my eyes.

I made this meal from Mix and Match Mama site. She is genius. Simple meals that can be made fast I love it. I have been trying at least 2 of her reciped a month and this one was a huge hit! I found ground mild italian sausage at the store so I grabbed that and the only other change I made was I roasted my assparagus first because I like it nice and crispy. It was awesome I can't wait to try it with some other veggies or meat!

Grayson's Art night at school is tonight and I can't wait to go and see all his paintings!

Cheers to a good weekend!