It was a good ending to the week last week.

Thursday after dinner we took Grayson over to my parents to spend the night. Once he was finished eating he grabbed his coat and shoes and said "okay I go Gigi and papa now". I love that he is that way with them. They are the only ones that he spends the night with and so I'm glad he is comfortable. Then it was home for us and just relaxing. It was nice to not run around and have a million things to do.

Friday I got out of work a little early and then headed home to watch some re-runs of Real Housewives of NYC. They are my favorite. We left our house and picked up dinner then went to my parents to dye eggs and do our Easter baskets that night.

Saturday my Grandma and Aunt stopped over. They had Grayson's Easter present which is this awesome solar owl for out in the yard. He flipped over it and this Mama appreciated a no candy Easter present. Grayson and Colleen played blocks and it was nice to visit with them. My Grandma will be 90 in October and I hope that I'm half the woman she is when I grow up. She still goes to church every Sunday and gets out almost everyday to do something. She plans all of her church circles trips and knits like crazy. I'm blessed to have her in my life.

Sunday was Easter! We planned on going to Sunrise service but it was 26 out and with Grayson decided against it but we still made it for Easter breakfast at church and it was so nice to have that fellowship. And  look at this studs lonigan in his Easter outfit. He ate it up. He loved wearing that suit! Plus he asked to wear his hair "wike dadddy" So we threw in some gel and he loved it! After breakfast we came home and read books until nap time. Then while he was sleeping the Easter bunny came or if you ask Grayson Jesus brought him a basket because he is creeped out by the bunny #idon'tblameyoukid. I made my Easter Bunny cake then we headed to my parents house for Easter dinner. It was nice and relaxed. A perfect weekend even if it was cold and snowing on Easter

Happy Monday!