The this and that of life lately

It's freezing here like -30 with the wind chill except on Monday when it was -14 just because. Horrible horrible cold makes me cranky and just want to be in sweatpants all day with coffee and chocolate!

Grayson has a head cold as with every kid right now. We are just blowing our nose a ton and running our cool mist.

One month from today I will have a 2 year old. I'm in shock it seems like yesterday I was getting a nursery ready and eating my way to my due date. Now I have a very sweet smart lovable toddler who blows my mind every day.

He spent the night at my Mom's on Monday since she is off school this week and I always just send one bigger bag rather than a million little ones. When we got home Tuesday he insisted on helping in pack. And then he proceeded to pull it around the whole house. Needless to say that bag is still out and still being pulled around.

I have not been on the work out train at all this month and I'm hoping to change that soon. I love how I feel when I work out but this weather is really killing me.

Tuesday night my Mom called and said that her and my Aunt were going to BINGO. I jumped at the chance and we had so much fun. We didn't win put something about BINGO in a fire hall makes it that much more fun.

Happy Thursday!