Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!!

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My Mom deliverd these placemats to me on Monday night and I about cried

These are from my Grandma's house and she gifted 2 to me and 2 to my sister. I remember seeing them on her table every year when the holidays rolled around and am honored to have them in my house now. My Grandma will be 90(!!!!!) in October and she is still as spunky as ever. 

I have been working out this week (ok I did it 2 days) and I'm sore and in love with this workout.

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It takes me 30 mins from start to finish and it goes by so fast and sweat like crazy. I also can't walk straight so there's that too

I'm still loving my yougurt but it was getting expensive buying 12-15 individual cups a week since Michael and I both eat them. So now I buy the big container at BJ's it's $6.00 and that gets us about 10-12 cups.That has cut our yogurt budget in half! Gotta pinch those pennies. I have been using these containers that are the same size as the individual cup

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 My sister had a jamberry party and oh my lord I went over board.
This is just one of the 5 that I ordred (oops!)

I have big plans to finish up shopping for Grayson's 2nd birthday party this weekend. Hi my name is Katlin and I have OCD. I plan weeks in advance and so getting this done with help with my stress levels! Don't worry I have a whole post next week about our theme and how we are keeping it simple this year!

Happy Friday!