Friday Favorites!

Linking up with Andrea today for Friday Favorites


I got my hair cut last week and my hair dresser really got on me about washing my hair everyday and how it's a big no no. But I swear that some times you could fry an egg on my head it gets so greasy. Well this is my new saving grace and FAVORITE. I can now wash every other day and my hair stays fresh looking and smells fresh looking all day! I love it. I have already ordered 2 more cans because I cannot run not!


I ran into TJMAX on Monday just to see what they had and man I got some good stuff! Plus I spent $32.00 so that's a good trip for me. 

I got these coffee mugs. They had 3 each $1.99. I scooped up all 3. Tall coffee mugs with big handles our my FAVORITE.

I grabbed this "S" for $6.00. Having an "S" in every room is my FAVORITE

I few other things I grabbed that I didn't take a picture of. A new coffee mug for work it's nice and big too and a deviled egg plate (since my old one broke) and a basket for all of Grayson's snacks! I love when I get good deals!


This picture I snapped last night of my boys resting while watching Mickey. Witnessing sweet moments like this are for sure my FAVORITE


This picture I snapped of my sweet boy one night after bath. He always says "hol me mama" and then says "ok piture" He is my FAVORITE 

Happy Weekend!