The wonderful wine weekend

I had an awesome weekend so awesome that I thought about calling in today but being a grown up won out.

Friday- We did our normal pizza for dinner and just relaxed. I was (and still am) battling my head congestion so I just lounged and watched some TV.

Saturday- My sister came to pick up Grayson to head to the bring you kids to the library day. Halli works there so she asked if she could take him and I said of course because then I could get some things picked up and a shower. Once they got home it was lunch and nap for the little guy and wine about winter for us girls! My Dad came and sat with G until Michael got home.

We had the best time! for $20.00 we got a wine glass, early admission, and 30(!!!!!) wine tastings. Plus free food and a ton of fun little giveaways. We had a ball. We walked probably close to 2 miles to get to all the stops but once we were about 10 tastings in you didn't notice it. The weather was good for winter in WNY and we found out that they sold over 850 tickets. For our little town where graduating classes are about 100 that is a lot of tickets and we decided to make it an annual thing! Here are some pictures from the event and after when we picked up the best chicken fingers to take home to Michael

Sunday I woke up with no voice and to a snow storm. So we decided to stay in and just hang out. I washed the sheets vacuumed the floor again went through some random boxes and then just relaxed. Michael came home and it was just family time. We made forts, played toys, read books and watched a movie. I loved everything about this weekend.

This week will be an adjustment week because Michael is now on 6 day work weeks for a few months, so we will be trying to find our groove.