My Groundhogs Day

When I first saw Andrea's list of Show and Tell Tuesday's I thought about skipping this one. How could I chose one day?!?!?!? I have so many amazing ones that I have been blessed with. And then I remembered a day not too far back that was perfect. 

So here is a breakdown of my Groundhogs day. 

Michael would be home with us and we would all cuddle in bed together while we wake up in the morning

Then we would all eat breakfast as a family something fun like pancakes or Cinnamon rolls and lots of coffee.

We would play and play and play and maybe make a trip to the grocery store for dinner that night. On a whim we would buy something fun like make your own pizza's 

We would come home and have lunch and then nap. Michael and I would watch a movie while the little napped and just enjoy quiet time together.

Then we would cook as a family in the kitchen. We would laugh, there would be tons of baby giggles and lots of hugs.

We would eat and have baths. Then we would cuddle on the couch and snuggle as a family. 

My day is simple, my day might even be boring to some but for me it's the best thing in the world. I love the days when we are home together even if we are snowed in and doing laundry or organizing a room. If I have my boys with me I'm complete.

I know I didn't pick my wedding day sure it was an amazing day and I would not trade it for anything but I love Michael more now, I'm closer to him now so choosing that day would be a step backwards.

And no I didn't pick the day Grayson was born. Again amazing and life changing and full of love. But I love him more now, we are best friends, he is my sidekick. 

Right now in these simple moments between working, tantrums, to-do lists, and just surviving my favorite memories are being made and I will thank God every single night for the simple moments he blesses me with.