Friday Favorites-Valentines Day Edition

It's Valentines Day tomorrow and I'm beyond excited.
 Linking up with Andrea for a few of my Favorites!

My first FAVORITE is our yearly tradition of staying in and cooking. We started this 4 years ago and I just love it. We swap years cooking (it's my year this year!) and the other person who is not cooking gets to pick the meal. It's so fun. 

Which leads me to my next FAVORITE of pulled pork. I love love love a good pulled pork sandwich and that is what Michael picked for our love day dinner. I make it in the crock pot and guys it's to die for. Maybe if I get myself together I will write it down ( I just kind of wing it!) and take pictures (hahah we will see)

My next FAVORITE is the dessert that goes with the dinner. Brownie Sundae's! We have these every year and oh my yum delicious! I make the Brownies (from a box) and then we get vanilla bean ice cream and peanut butter sauce and whip cream. Yum Yum Yum

Since we have had a Grayson spending the day with him is a big thing for us. Growing up Valentine's day was a family holiday and so I plan to keep it that way for our family. I'm going to run to the store and get him a fun donut and we got him a little board book for valentines day. Board books right now are his FAVORITE thing we read at least 4 or 5 a night (multiple times each!)

My last FAVORITE is the biggest and best one. Michael is off on Saturday which means we get a whole family day together. This does not happen very often to have a day off together with no plans but we have it and I'm going to soak it up. Plus since it is going to be -10 tomorrow we are staying home and snuggling!

Happy Friday everyone!