It was all about love and chocolate!

We are in the frozen tundra right now. No really my car was -8 this morning and that is without the windchill making it a grand total of -30. Fun Fun! I really almost called in the morning. My bed was so warm and my boys were snuggling and it took everything I had to get out of bed and get ready for work.

Onto the weekend.

Friday I ran to the store for our Valentine's weekend supplies. Then I went to grab my Sweet baby from school. His new thing to do when I pick him up is run from me and flop into this little turtle ball pit thing that they have. He laughs and laughs and laughs and then I have to go get him and he laughs some more. I swear his teachers think he hates me because when Daddy picks him up (which is like once every 3 months) he runs right to him and hugs him.

Anyway we came home and I lugged in all the grocery's and bags and the wiggling child of mine. I put on my comfy clothes and sat on the couch for 2 seconds to try and warm up. And just as I was about to  get up my sweet baby came walking in with flowers, followed by my amazing husband who also had a flower for me. In all the Valentine's days together Michael always gets me a single yellow flower. I love yellow and so that's what he gets  me. It was so sweet and perfect and just a nice little something from my boys.

We are dinner (left over pasta) and then got our pork ready. Okay I started to take pictures and then forgot so I will post the recipe later in the week because it really is simple. Here is the first step the rub.

We ended the night watching a movie after G went to bed. Boogie nights. Have you every seen it? Um it was interesting is all I have to say.

Saturday I woke up with all my boys! It was wonderful. Michael made us a big breakfast we drank coffee and just relaxed. Then we got our pork in the crock pot and payed and watched a movie (Monsters Inc.) Then it was lunch and naps for everyone. Once we all woke up Michael had to go out and plow. Then we exchanged cards (homemade) and had our delicious dinner. I love pulled pork. Then we had brownie sundae's which are my love language.

Sunday Michael was back at work it was -4 and just as I was about to call my Mom and say we were probably not going to go to church because it was cold they cancelled services. Grayson and I stayed warm and cleaned the house up. We ate lunch took a nap, Michael came home and plowed again because it never stopped snowing. Once Grayson went to bed Michael and I had another brownie sundae and watched some TV.

It was a wonderful weekend!

Happy Monday ! Stay warm!