Catching up!

It's been crazy around here lately. Between a hectic work schedule and the start of some sort of head cold I'm getting I have had zero time to blog. Since work is a little bit calmer today and the head cold has yet to be full blown I'm going to try and fit in our weekend re-cap (on a Thursday) and list a few small goals for this month.

Friday was any normal day then to pick up Grayson then get a pizza for dinner and just hang out. We color a ton Friday nights and we also hang out in his rocket ship tent.

Saturday- It was the day Libby was coming to spend the night and hang out with us. These to played all night long. Running, coloring, baby dolls, trucks, in the tent out of the tent. I was tired just watching them. When Libby comes to spend the night with me we always sleep on the pull out couch together. I paid for it the next day it was so uncomfortable, but she had a great time we played MASH which at first I was like how do you know MASH? Your like 3 but then I remembered she was 9 so we played and she giggled the whole time.

Sunday- We woke up and hung out on the pull out couch watching Mickey and eating a snack. Then I fed the hyena's breakfast (donuts that Libby and Gigi picked out). Here is the supper awesome thing about Libby being there. She is 9 so she can supervise Grayson while I'm in the shower. I got to shower and get ready before Church and they watched a show and had a snack. Then we headed to Church and it was a great service. One that spoke to my heart in such a profound way.

Once we got home it was time for lunch and naps. Libby "rested" for a while then her and I made soft pretzel bites. They were amazing!!! A little time consuming but with 2 sets of hand we got it done. Plus we made a nacho cheese sauce and guys I will never buy the store bought stuff again it was that easy and that good.

We headed to my brothers for B's 4th birthday party and to watch the super bowl. It was fun and crazy and loud. The boys played great together and took a bath together. At half time we headed home and watched the rest of the game in our comfy clothes.

It was a wonderful fun weekend.

Now onto my goals

Finish organizing the laundry room

Make a fun Valentines day breakfast

Take 2 loads to the storage unit

Happy Thursday we are so close to the weekend!