Weekend on a Wednesday

We had a fun weekend. A relaxed weekend. And a weird weekend. And I'm re-capping on a Wednesday because #rebel #lazy #iforgottodoitmonday

Before I start the weekend I realized that I have started talking in hashtags and I kind of love it. I text in them I end sentences with them it's just fun. My husband thinks I'm insane but he still loves me. #healreadyputaringonit.

Okay onto the weekend

Friday we had Grayson's parent teacher conference. While they told me that he is very advanced for his age (in fact she kept repeating very over and over again like she would say he is very very very advanced in his language #weird) in his speaking (he uses full sentences) and the words he knows and attempts (my kid can say hippopotamus and octopus clear as flipping day) he has a problem with personal space and sharing.

Okay here is where it took a turn for the worse. I'm all about constructive criticism. I think it's healthy and it's what makes us grow. But she literally said one positive thing (his speech/language) and then just harped for 15 minuets on his lack of personal space and that he does not share 100% of the time. It's at this point that I prayed to Jesus for strength and restraint. He got me through it and I just said "okay we will work on it" he is 2 and if you can show me a 2 year old that shares without any fussing 100% of the time I will give you a million dollars. It's the age people! And yes he does need to be corrected on sharing but once you talk to him and explain to him he gets it and he is good.  And the personal space thing I will take blame for that. Grayson is an only child so right now if he wants to climb on my lap and play I let him. Now he thinks that is how you play with people and so he is going around and sitting on kids laps trying to play with them. I'm working on this but I'm not giving it up completely. I love those sweet moments with him so we will see.

At this point I think the director could tell that I was getting frustrated because the teacher kept repeating that he does not participate in circles (Grayson is shy smart as the day is long but super shy he hates attention on him) and that he does not run. I seriously asked her "is that a bad thing?, and did you tell him not to run at some point because he has a memory like an elephant and listens very well" She said yes they tell them not to run but when they ask him to run he does not. Okay you just confused the kid. She also said when he does the balance beam he is very cautious with his body and it takes him a long time to get across it but that he almost never falls. He gets that from me. If I'm going to do something I'm going to do it once and the right way #healreadyhascontrolissues #sorrybabyyougetitfromyourmama.

So the director steps in and says he is a very sweet boy and an old soul and that they appreciate his obedience and that he is a leader in the classroom when it comes to directions (cleaning and picking up we have alredy passed on our OCD to our 2 year old). Praise Jesus something good! He also needs to get rid of his pacifier, learn to drink from a cup (non sippy) and start potty training. We have started a new rule of no paci out of the crib so he only gets it at nap and bed and I bought some small cups for him to start practicing the drinking. Potty training he has no interest right now, and I'm not going to push it.

I know I'm probably over reacting but I left there feeling defeated. Being a parent is hard. End rant.
Michael and I both went to the conference but we came from work so we had two vehicles, I took Grayson home and he picked up subs for dinner. We spent the rest of the night relaxing.

Saturday I felt so tired (this weather is killing me) and we just did laundry and picked up the house. Then we made mac-n-cheese for dinner.

Sunday was a fun day. Grayson and finished up laundry and then I got ready to go to the local bridal show with my sister, mom, aunt, sister-in-law, and niece. Halli stopped by with the kids (she had them overnight) before taking them home and oh my gosh batman the 2 boys did not sit still. It tired Grayson out so much that he fell asleep before lunch and still slept for 2 hours. The bridal show was cute and fun and we got some good ideas. She set a date for August of 2016. Now it's just time to start booking things because some of the venues are already starting to book up.

I think that's it. And I'm happy it's Hump Day!